Saturday, March 13, 2010

So pretty

Do you want to get have pretty necklace for yourself or your girl friend? You can get free ribbon necklace, find out how. You just need address in Malaysia to participate, if you don't have one get your friends to help you to accept the Prize first. Who knows when you are here you can collect it yourself.

Busy day for us as we just back from shopping at Carrefour. If you are going to Carrefour at Subang Jaya, you will find that they have rearrangement of the items they put. It is not the same place any more, some people might have problem to find the stuff that used to be there. Anyway Jen was looking for sanitary pad and was told sold out. I mean the brand that she is looking for Sofy with the longest shape. She says that they have been changes on the quality, do you know anything of that? I don't know as I don't use the longest shape.

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