Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pasar malam tonight

Last minute decision to go night market which is pasar malam located at SS13 Subang Jaya, yeah we reached around 9.10pm and only left few stalls there. I get the chance to purchase my favourte chee cheong fun from there, yeah bought for sister-in-law to eat as well. :D

One of the customer is foreigner but he can speaks mandarin. He asked the owner of stall what time he is open, he told him usually 3-4pm open the stall. But as usual they closed early at night. :D

What's your favourite food to purchase from pasar malam? When is your night market held at your area?

April Top Commentator wins Accessories giveaway

Yeah I didn't expect that nobody join my March Accessories giveaway, anyway the giveaway is closed. I am putting this Giveaway for this month Top Commentator giveaway. Yeah if you want to win it, you need to be Top Commentator for this month.

Are you going to be Top Commentator for this month? You can refer above link to find out of the items!

No kidding, the commenting ends on 12 midnight 30 April 2013.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Looking for plus size woman clothes

I am always on the look out for plus size woman clothes for my wife, I am plus size man myself, being plus size and I know I am getting bigger and bigger. My wife pointed out that I have huge belly, yeah lack of exercise and busy lifestyle. We all need good healthy lifestyle, who doesn't?

She saw some nice clothing online but didn't shop any. She do check her budget and spending needs if she's going to purchase anything online or offline, yeah coz she knows that I am the one that working and she's not.

I usually try the clothing before I make any purchase.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What to eat for lunch?

I don't know what to eat for lunch? I decided to have fast food, yeah gonna try this oat meal I purchased.

Yeah it is milk flavour oat milk, with no fruits etc. No choice as I don't want to eat any instant noodles.

As for Sean, he's coming back for his leftover pizza. Pizza he ate last night, he didn't finished it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Park basement 2 Amcorp Mall

It is my second time parking in Amcorp Mall, I have never park in the basement before. I must say that the parking is very narrow when going down and going out of the parking. Scary, lucky I never get the car scratch.

The Parking basement 1 was full, I have no choice but park in basement parking 2. I am happy that Sean comes along with me as companion. Yeah so he's by my side every seconds, except for travel in Putra LRT because we are seating opposite of each other.

I wish to go Amcorp Mall again but need to find a day to go. I want to make payment for parking ticket at LG but sad to say the machine is out of order. The Putra LRT at the area is Taman Jaya, I have not been to LRT in Kelana Jaya no idea where is that.

How about you?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shopping during sales in Paradigm Mall

I am happy to say I found nice clothing and I can fit in them. Yeah I am plus size mommy and happy to say I tried them out before purchase. Yeah I found a long sleeve checker shirt less than RM20 in Uniqlo store. I can fit in L size, I cannot find XL to try out. :(

I bought a dress at same level of H&M, I didn't shop in H&M as didn't find anything fit in my budget. I am happy say I found a dress just nice for me, it is XL. :D

I always check on the size and yeah the waistline too. I grab it from the sales corner and went in changing room to try it out.

Just started two days ago I went for evening walk, I can tell you Mrs FOO missses me. Another aunty not seeing her because she's out with hubby to go vacation in China.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Check measurement before purchase

I always check the measurements of clothes before make purchase, if I am at the shopping mall. I would take the clothes for try out. No kidding it matters, because even though it is written XL size but the cutting and designed not for XL. :(

Being plus size mom, I know it is difficult to shop for clothes I love but I never give up and keep looking for them. In fact I have bought two items from a shop, I tried them out and the items are on sales. Yeah no regret of purchase both items, I nearly bought another layered top love it so much but I fear I couldn't fit in if I gain more fat. The layered top is just fit me and it is brown in colour, frankly speaking the top is a bit short for me even though it looks good.

Online shopping has the risk because you never know if the quality you are getting good or bad. The pictures you saw does not mean the item you are getting exactly. This happened before my past purchase the item not the same at all very disappointing! The seller will not accept any return or exchange, it is stated before you make any purchase. Yeah it is shop at your own risk!

Have you purchase anything online or offline? Are you happy with your haul?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Angry mom on the lose !!

This is one desperate mom I can tell you, last week she had her daughter to write her cell phone number on my son's drawing paper. So I did sms her and she gives me also her house number. Today I found her book inside of his bag, so I let her know of this.

Guess what?! The mother asked her daugher to call my son to ask why her book inside his bag. He has no idea also, he must have mistook it and put in his bag. He didn't see name on the book. Anyway the girl put her book on table and left the table to go see teacher, coming back her book missing?! Why she no tell teacher her book is missing?! Instead just sitting there doing nothing. So now her mom needs to write to teacher to explain.

Even though I earlier saying sorry to her mom about son took her book. It is not enough for her, she is working mom daughter in daycare center. She wants to explains and complains saying that it's my son's fault. Okay.. no more argue of this, already let her know Monday she will gets the book back.

Misplace book in school bag

Today found another classmate book inside my son's school bag. Yeah looks like they have misplaced the book. Anyway found her book but not his book.

I have informed the mom about her daughter book also reminds her to take it from my son. Busy day for me I guided him to do homeworks and spellings. I can tell you the spelling is tougher. Three different language of spelling BM, BI and BC.

I know he's poor in BM AND BC.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

EH! Make me gorgeous workshop

Dear readers found this beautiful workshop to share with you.

If you like reading EH! Magazine you may already know this.

Make Me Forgeous Workshop detail click link

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What happened if we over purchased?

Here's a question I like to ask what happen if you over purchased? Yeah I know I love shopping so what can you do if you over purchased?

You can either start a giveaway on your blog or give them to your loved ones.

Here's giveaway info for you to take part.

Lavender hand & body lotion

Beautiful flower beads necklace.

Click above link to take part!

Monday, April 8, 2013

How many road bumpers?!

It will be 16 road bumpers from my home to primary school, no kidding. This is only one way route not two ways. Early morning hubby will be driving us go so he no need to take 16 road bumpers but maybe five road bumpers.

No kidding road bumpers make Sean wants to vomit, he keeps asking why so many bumpers. It makes him wants to puke!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

No more UPSR for standard six?

I don't know of this until a week ago, the aunt who cuts my hair told me no more UPSR. She has two primary school children.

She told me having children in KL is expensive, example if you have two children their expenses and education cost like RM300K each.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Promoter wanted@Tesco Extra Ampang

The working hours from 9am to 10.30pm at Tesco Extra Ampang.

Location Tesco Extra Ampang Shopping Mall Dataran Prima near Pandan Jaya

Promoter basis salary RM1000 + commission.

Prefer Chinese or Malay (FEMALE only).

If you have interest call 012-2111233

It is a watch standing stall!