Friday, April 12, 2013

Angry mom on the lose !!

This is one desperate mom I can tell you, last week she had her daughter to write her cell phone number on my son's drawing paper. So I did sms her and she gives me also her house number. Today I found her book inside of his bag, so I let her know of this.

Guess what?! The mother asked her daugher to call my son to ask why her book inside his bag. He has no idea also, he must have mistook it and put in his bag. He didn't see name on the book. Anyway the girl put her book on table and left the table to go see teacher, coming back her book missing?! Why she no tell teacher her book is missing?! Instead just sitting there doing nothing. So now her mom needs to write to teacher to explain.

Even though I earlier saying sorry to her mom about son took her book. It is not enough for her, she is working mom daughter in daycare center. She wants to explains and complains saying that it's my son's fault. Okay.. no more argue of this, already let her know Monday she will gets the book back.

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