Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shopping during sales in Paradigm Mall

I am happy to say I found nice clothing and I can fit in them. Yeah I am plus size mommy and happy to say I tried them out before purchase. Yeah I found a long sleeve checker shirt less than RM20 in Uniqlo store. I can fit in L size, I cannot find XL to try out. :(

I bought a dress at same level of H&M, I didn't shop in H&M as didn't find anything fit in my budget. I am happy say I found a dress just nice for me, it is XL. :D

I always check on the size and yeah the waistline too. I grab it from the sales corner and went in changing room to try it out.

Just started two days ago I went for evening walk, I can tell you Mrs FOO missses me. Another aunty not seeing her because she's out with hubby to go vacation in China.


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