Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guess the road bumpers and win a prize

Today get to know a new friend, she is a mommy too. I am happy to know other mommy which is same class as my son. She told me her friends send their children to SRI KL a month fee RM2000. Wow! That's lot money; you know going to private school is never cheap. Anyway we are not rich parents and only send children to local school not private school. Every parent would like to have the best education for their children. It's not going to be easy to enter the private school; I think you need to take examination first to see what your level is. Anyway correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway over my other blog, I am having guessed the road bumpers! Imagine how many bumpers I need to drive through and my son asking me why so many of them. I know this is good to slow down the drivers on the road especially you are passing by the housing areas.

Now I could tell you I am having shoulder stress, will be good if someone able to give me good massage.

Edited Gussing the road bumpers and win a prize is closed on 9 April 2013, I am going to review the road bumpers in blog post.


  1. Private school is always pricey one,no cheap cheap one :(

  2. yeah nothing is cheap, even private school parent still give the children go outside tuition.


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