Monday, May 27, 2013

Iron Man 3 movie for my boys!

Tonight will date hubby and my son because I will bring them for movie. Boys love to watch Iron Man 3, yeah I hope this is not the end of the movie Iron Man. I like this movie too!

Soon I will need to teach Sean to do home work and revision his spellings. Yeah he forgot all the words after school. It's not easy being teacher to my son, I am home teacher to him. lol

I am thankful I know some Chinese words else will be difficult to teach him!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Skin is My Proof Beauty Workshop

If you like pampering moment, here it is! Yeah it is not free though.. read it.
My Skin is My Proof Beauty Workshop by SK-II and Her World, JOIN US FOR AN EXCLUSIVE RETREAT!

Give yourself a treat and join us at the exclusive My Skin is My Proof Beauty Workshop by SK-II and Her World – a private ladies affair where get enjoy precious ‘me’ time.
At this workshop, you’ll get to meet Denise Loong, SK-II Beauty Consultant Trainer, for a unique opportunity to learn the secrets to beautiful crystal clear skin.
In addition, you’ll be pampered like a queen with fun activities such as early bird hand pampering sessions, consultations and skin analysis sessions with Magic Ring, a Q&A session and hi-tea.
Date: 15 June 2013, Saturday
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Venue: Marini’s on 57 Italian Restaurant
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Fee: RM30
  • Inclusive of light refreshments
  • Inclusive door gift worth RM 200.
Please find enclosed the exclusive e-invite for My Skin is My Proof Beauty Workshop by SK-II and Her World.
Join Now!
The workshop is open to selected 30 readers aged 25 and above.
Email or call 03-79527038 (10am – 5pm, Monday- Friday) by 7th June 2013 for confirmation and payment details.
Email title: My Skin is My Proof Beauty Workshop by SK-II and Her World
Contact No:
Have you used SK-II products previously?: Please state (Y/N)

Failure to attend the workshop will disqualify a participant’s claim to the goodie bag and a refund of the fee. First come, first served. Terms and Conditions apply.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Prize for Son for studying hard in exam

I am happy to say that a prize just came for son, yeah it is all the way from Singapore. I am happy to receive this pack of prize and inside consists of note book, bag pack, hat and water bottle. I can't wait to see his happy face to open this box. It is not a big box but it is from Fed Ex courier company!

He's trying his best to do exam and I know he's still not master the language of Chinese, Malay and English. I hope he tried his best, that's it. There is no need to get 100 if you can't get it. Primary school is not kindergarten!

If you like to try contest, why not try to be Top Commentator at shopping blog, click to find out!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just browsing on bags

Being plus size woman, I mean plus size mama, I love big item. Oh well I mean to say bag, hehe.. just browsing some bags I like.

So here's some info of them.

RM39.90 elegant large capacity woman bag.
RM29.90 large woman handbag
RM38.80 Elegant stylish woman bag

Talking of shopping, I do miss my red boots. Yeah I wore it last year Christmas but no longer having the boots. The red boots started torn up the red colour yeah, no kidding it is like peeling boots. :(

Anyway I won't give up to find boots, but happy to say I have a pair which I still can fit and in good shape.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Son's excited of coming Christmas

I don't know of you but my son already excited of Christmas, he is asking when is Christmas. I asked him why, he says he wants Iron May toy for Christmas. lol

Is that a hint that I should start saving for his toy? Anyway, I don't want to buy expensive toys, I prefer education book than toys.

Hubby says want to encourage him to do well in school, oh well we don't have to buy them toys but we can bring them vacation. Oh well, this is just a thought. If we don't go vacation during young, don't you think it would be tough for us to walk during old age. No kidding, when I asked of loved one to go vacation they started to complain of long journey, toilet break, etc.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No water until midnight

My friend in SS15 told me that she checked and there will be no water until midnight, that is sad even my place no water from yesterday. Yeah today no water supply for us so we cannot do many washing on clothes.

I have some water saving from rain but only for toilet use.

Anyway trying my luck on some contests to see if I can win see horror cum comedy movie. It is Thai movie which I think my hubby will not want to watch with me. So yeah if I win and watch it probably a lonely night for me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gal took away son's money!

This is sad to find out from my son that a classmate took away his money, yeah she told him that if he does not want to give him his things, he needs to give her money. No kidding poor kid just hand over all his money to the girl! He told me at home and he's scare of the girl, he says he's no willing to bring wallet to school. Although it is not a lot money, probably RM4 or less but it is not right to take other's people money nor things!

The girl named Ever Lyn, not her exact name, son no idea her full name. Apparently he's not the only victim, another girl named Angel her money RM1 was taken by her too but she told her she's just borrow but never return the next day. This girl apparently like throwing my boy things and bully him.

Son, I hope you stand up for yourself?! It's still early for him, he's still no idea how to protect himself or his things.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Registered post to Nicole Top Commentator

Yesterday head to post office to post out prize for Nicole, RD182266787MY. She is Top Commentator for APRIL 2013.

This Sunday is Mother's Day and we have set plan to go Zoo Negara with my parents and bro's family. I can't wait to meet with twins, yeah May my sister-in-law gave birth to twins last year. :D

I am happy aunt to twins, I want to cuddle and kiss the twins. Sean will be happy to see them too. Anyway it's the plan for now, I don't know if there will be any changes.

What's your plan for this Mother's Day?!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nap with Iron Man toy in hand

Sean is so tired because he's still not 100% well, he fall sick and still goes to school today. I am proud of him, he didn't complain at all. He told me he is having stomach pain, I feed him colic after meal as he's hungry after school.

He only did a math homework and fall nap, yeah with his toy Iron Man in hand. He chosen this toy because he likes to watch Iron Man 3.

This reminds me of he used to sleep with his elephant toy. :D

Monday, May 6, 2013

GE: Blue indelible ink use for GE13

Above picture first picture of my finger with blue indelible ink, it didn't dry up in 30 seconds. Second picture you are looking at my hubby's finger. After his vote, he came home and went for wash and scrub it yeah it's only left littble bit stain on his finger.

How about you? For me after vote I came home for shower and wash my hair with shampoo, most of the ink just wash away quickly. There are bit of stains in between my finger nail.

Friday, May 3, 2013

GE13: Selangor declares Monday a public holiday

Yes have you heard it in the news or read in newspaper? How about Facebook?

GE13: Selangor declares Monday a public holiday

Sorry I am not sure of other states in Malaysia.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Top Commentator goes to...

Who will it be for my April Top Commentator on this blog? She is the past winner too if you check out previous Top Commenting contest. No kidding last April she gains 67 comments.

If you have interest to comment and win, stay tune on my blogs. I may have Top Commentator Contest again. :D

Busy month to start with for this May, yeah going to pick up Sean soon.