Monday, May 13, 2013

Gal took away son's money!

This is sad to find out from my son that a classmate took away his money, yeah she told him that if he does not want to give him his things, he needs to give her money. No kidding poor kid just hand over all his money to the girl! He told me at home and he's scare of the girl, he says he's no willing to bring wallet to school. Although it is not a lot money, probably RM4 or less but it is not right to take other's people money nor things!

The girl named Ever Lyn, not her exact name, son no idea her full name. Apparently he's not the only victim, another girl named Angel her money RM1 was taken by her too but she told her she's just borrow but never return the next day. This girl apparently like throwing my boy things and bully him.

Son, I hope you stand up for yourself?! It's still early for him, he's still no idea how to protect himself or his things.

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