Monday, April 12, 2010

Reminder giveaway ends 11 tonight

Just a remind post to tell you that my giveaway ends on 11pm Malaysia time. So if you are interested to take part be sure to take action now. One lucky blogger gets his or her hands on the ten amazing items on the giveaway! I bet you want to know who the person is. Well everyone got to sit back and wait.

The result of winner will not be out tonight. You got to wait a day or two to know who the winner is as I want Sean to be part of it. What I have in mind is print out the names of participant and then cut them and fold it up then has Sean blind fold or has the names in the bucket for Sean to pick. What do you think?

In many past giveaways I often use the, this time I want to try something new. Psst nobody guess the guessing game correctly. Do you want me to reveal the answer? If I reveal there will be no winner for it.


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