Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still no answer for the magnet on the belt

There is still now answer on how the magnet is remove from the belt. I remember my shopping before that this happen to me as well, the magnet is on my pants and I don't know about it. I was in my 20s then and my dad needs to bring me back the shopping mall to get the cashier remove it.

This time hubby decided to remove it himself. You still have time to think of the tool or gadget he uses to remove the magnet on the belt. Keep ask yourself if this happen to you how are you going to remove it?


  1. I would google for solution actually. but then I reallyyyyyyy would use magnet -__-

    or maybe the thing to pull out a pin. I forgot the name

  2. Using plier..wrong..using hammer..also worng..using magnet, what's the answer eh???couldnt think anymore..huhuhuhu....


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