Friday, April 9, 2010

35 participants and counting

Good evening everyone, how is everyone doing? Maybe some of you are still are work just like my hubby. Some of you maybe at the shopping mall, I am still at home and update this blog. So the giveaway has reached 35 participants. Remember there are ten items up for grab and it is only for one winner!

As giveaway ends on 12 April at 11pm, I am still thinking how I can pick the winner. Maybe using or put the names in the box and let Sean pick one with eye closed? LOL

Anyway I have not make up my mind. Now there is a fun guess for everyone to take part but I am only choosing first blogger with correct answer of the guessing. There is a prize for a winner who can guess it correctly. The first blogger that can guess it right win a Prize. Now I would like you to guess how the something extra on the belt is being removed? For example you can comment that it is remove by hammer? LOL

About the guess game, you can click on the link above to find out. The winner must have an address in Malaysia for the Prize. :D


  1. Hahaha..that incident was happened to me also!but I didnt remove it anyway...I guess u removed it by using the plier....hehehe....

  2. good try that is not the answer

  3. how about scssor?or by hand jek..hihi..x pun guna gigi jek..hihi

  4. good try but all not correct.


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