Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grandma now age 88

My grandma is now age 88 years old she is now semi coma I got to know this from my dad. She is diabetes, living at the old folk home for few years now. I don't know if other aunt and uncle have visited her. I heard she is in bad shape now, she has no response to anymore she still has heart beat.

My grandma is my mom's mother, she has ten children and sad to see none of them that able to care for her now. My uncle did care for her but I don't know why she ended up in old folk home. My cousin sister visit grandma from time to time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy School holiday

Time fly it is now school holiday for children. Parents are you enjoying your children company at home? I do enjoy and I decided to give Sean to go Kindergarten for the holiday camp so he can have fun with his classmates. Do you have plan for your children during school holiday?

I don't know many people with children around me so better let him know that Kindergarten is not that bad there is still time for him to play. I remember last year put him to Kindergarten two weeks during school holiday and he has fun learning about chicks and rabbit. The teachers brought the egg, chicks and chicken for him to see.

Now Sean is having his nap so I get to update my blog. :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

No taker for the tickets

Looks like no taker for the tickets, I will pass them to hubby so he could gives his friend to go play the 5 storeys ride from the Empire Gallery Shopping mall. Let's not waste the good tickets it is the World's tallest indoor tube slide! You can see the sign board so big if you pass by the Federal Highway.

My first time slide this was in early October, now you think if you like to give a try you can purchase tickets at the mall. I believe it is located the highest floor to purchase ticket then you get to slide down from there. If you bring backpack or bag, you need pass to your friend to hold for you. That's what happened when my sister-in-law Jen passed her to me and later I pass mine to her. She was the first to slide down, then I waiting her to come up again so she could hold my bag and I go for the slide.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who like adventure thrill to go for slide?

I want to know who like adventure and interested to go for the slide at Empire Subang Gallery Shopping Mall. The location of the shopping mall is nearby Subang Parade, you can never miss it. This slide is five storeys high, no kidding per ticket is cost MYR$12. I have seen foreigners that went for the slide, I know mostly young man interested. When you are getting old you tend to quit doing things that is adventure because of health.

Always think of your loved one when you are going for anything adventure. You don't have to go for adventure if you don't like it. I have got three tickets that I am planning for giveaway as tickets last day usage on 30 November, 2010.

You just need to be follower of GFC at Also Mommy, TH Corner, and My Kid Shopping. Don't forget to leave me your follower ID to check. I choose the winner using