Monday, November 8, 2010

No taker for the tickets

Looks like no taker for the tickets, I will pass them to hubby so he could gives his friend to go play the 5 storeys ride from the Empire Gallery Shopping mall. Let's not waste the good tickets it is the World's tallest indoor tube slide! You can see the sign board so big if you pass by the Federal Highway.

My first time slide this was in early October, now you think if you like to give a try you can purchase tickets at the mall. I believe it is located the highest floor to purchase ticket then you get to slide down from there. If you bring backpack or bag, you need pass to your friend to hold for you. That's what happened when my sister-in-law Jen passed her to me and later I pass mine to her. She was the first to slide down, then I waiting her to come up again so she could hold my bag and I go for the slide.

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