Friday, September 3, 2010

Who don't like chocolate?

Sean likes to eat sweet and chocolate, I don't want him to eat so much his teeth rotten. He had Nestum meal for supper when he was younger and not gets enough cleaning. First time I saw this Kinder bueno white he right away grab two packs of it.

I don't want he become a spender he also took a pack Dutch Lady Chocolate drink. Maybe I need to switch back to Milo drink instead of coco drink Carrefour, I don't want him keep drinking from the pack. It is all hubby that given him to try the chocolate drink in the first place.

He is watching his Disney 613 show now while eating biscuits. He like the Julie's Cocoro, I taste it before but find it bit salty. I see that it is not taste same like the Chinese New Year packing.

I like chocolate that has the raisins inside.

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