Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moving furniture and tidy room

I have been busy spending time with bedroom to tidy up today it is not finished yet and I have many things in mind too, so many things in the room which giving me eyes sore. It will be nice to see clean and tidy room; I know I am not well organizing the room. If you have time try to spend time with your room, you get to find many things to throw and keep. A few months we did move the furniture around the house.

You can find time to do that if you couldn't sleep that's what happen to my neighbour I can hear them moving the furniture in the night but I prefer move furniture in the morning when you can see better.

If you find clothes and things not necessary you can donate them. You can also pass to your relative or friends. I find some clothes I like that I used to wear when I am smaller size.

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