Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drawing of a 4 year old

Above is the drawing by Sean, he is alone doing this and there is house with mom and dad. You can see pretty flower draw by him.

I am unhappy if Sean told me that he is not interested to go kindy. Last Sunday night he was telling hubby and me that he don't want teacher. I finally know why he wants to go playground to play somehow the teacher not allow him because of hot weather. He loves to play swing with his friends. Since there is playground nearby I decided to take him there to play slides and swings but mosquitoes too many. There has been Dengue cases here, it happens at least twice a month. My sister-in-law Jen not like him goes out because of Dengue case.

I know hubby is working most time unable to communicate with Sean. Being stay at home mom I need to teach Sean to read and write but it is not easy so I try doing it slowly. I remember my parents seldom teach me because they send me to tuition which expects the teacher to teach the lesson. My mom is poor in education she is study up until primary school. My dad every day goes to work early morning from 6 to take KTM train to go work then coming home is late 8pm.


  1. salam,
    me just write down about my son's drawing... but not now... next day will publish...just wait ya... tq


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