Friday, June 25, 2010

5am head to work

Hubby came home last night around 12 midnight and then head to shower. He had his dinner then, it is very late and he sometimes of gastric. This morning he wakes up early and he heads to work at 5 am.

He only back from work at 1 pm and now having his nap. He is very tired, his colleagues not co-operate with him so he has so much to do and running here and there. Sometimes it is not his fault but the suppliers but he got scolds by customer.

Anyway no job is easy job, I found this picture in my computer. It is Tarot Cafe, I think it is located at Seremban but I don't know which location exactly. Have you seen this cafe before?

It is a long time I not go to Seremban Parade, it is nothing much there even though the shopping quite big.

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