Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cheque fined RM100!!!

It's Wednesday and son has got school activity and he's only finished scout activity at 3.30pm. I wrote a cheque for son to give person in charge for paying the scout uniform which total up almost RM200. Sad to say that wifey forgot about transfer money to the current account. There goes RM100 fined!

We often payment to school by cash but this time is in cheque so I also forgot about inform her about need to bank in money for the cheque. The uniform shop in IOI Mall Puchong called up my wife to inform that cheque ditendang by bank. Lucky she called to inform else my wife wouldn't recall of this matter that no money in current account.

Lesson learn that every time need to write a cheque, need to transfer money to current account. Talking of money, yesterday son told me there is need to pay RM150 for the computer class in school. Payment is RM50 each month for the computer class, there is no option that saying you can choose to pay or not. So it is compulsory to pay for that.

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