Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tomorrow is Chap Goh Mei

Tomorrow eldest son has no school but youngest son got kindergarten. I am updating this blog post and find that it is hard to upload photo in the night. Yeah usually at night the Internet is slow and uploading photo also take time. How about you? What time do you prefer to blog?

Two wonderful events have been turn down yesterday one is from Resorts World Genting another is from Mydin Mall. Both are wonderful events but I have family dinner with my parents in law family. It's great moment that we can have dinner together, it's hard to have dinner where everyone is free to join. Sadly to say last night not everyone attended as two sister-in-law are not around. One is in temple Perak, another is in Korea. Also brother in law K in UK not come back yet with his family.

Last week son has family photo project to submit to school. It is required to have a family photo and description of each family member in the project. He's now Standard 4, seem so many projects are coming up from the school. He was one of 15 students selected by teacher in class to join the Calligraphy Chinese contest for CNY. He told me that he didn't win but his classmate won. Only one classmate that won the Calligraphy Chinese, it's not easy to write at all. They are 14 Chinese words to write. Chinese language is not easy to learn but I am glad that he's trying his best.

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