Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Next week is a long holiday?

It's December now, haven't got any plan on vacation end of this year. There's a day trip offer to go Museum in Melaka on next Sunday however is a day trip by bus. However it is going to be terrible jam coming back or going there? Well many people have repeated telling me this and also it is tough to find hotels for next week in Melaka.

Last weekend, my wife and son went to Genting Highland for the Back to Nature Retreat at Awana Genting. I fetched them home from Wisma Genting in the afternoon on last Sunday, it was terrible jam that day. It was also a heavy rain on the day in KL, I wanted to park my car in Wisma Genting then only I found out that it was close for parking on Sunday. I want to avoid the jam but I cannot, many cars on the road and heavy rain pour. We manage to get home and it was evening time but we went for dinner first then only go home.

Last Sunday night, I use a tool to remove bamboo thorns from son's finger. I have also remove a tiny wood from wife's finger. Son touches the bamboo during the jungle trek, he grab hold of the bamboo as he was afraid of height.

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