Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Titi Eco Farm day trip

Look at the boys, they are busy sharing the sweet potato leaves, the leaves are used to feed the goats and rabbits. The photo above, they are in the cage of rabbits. Some small cages inside and the rabbits are hiding underneath them.

This place is Titi Eco Farm, it was a day trip for family outing last Saturday, if you like to read more just click on the link above.

I spotted the insect above with eggs, I don't the name of this insect. How about you?

There is a long slide near the playground, the playground is not far from the canteen. 

Children loves playing at this area. Look above siblings they are enjoying themselves slide down together. 

On the day 4 families came by car themselves. We took buses to go there, they were 3 buses.

Some friends asking how to join the trip.

To get start you can sign up to be S-Mama Club. 

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