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Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament at Sunway Pyramid

Prizes for the winners The Jump Smash Ultimate Championship
The event Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament, I attended the event on Sunday 30 August 2015. Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament held from 28 August to 31 August 2015
If you are fan of gaming, that like to use finger to swipe and win. It's really good as it's fun time for everyone to take part, read more below to find out. 

Jump Smash
Featured on China's Apple App Store for 'Best New Game'
Featured on China's Window Photo Store for 'Best New Game'
Received the Certificate of Merit at the Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2014

The World's No.1 Badminton Game rockets to the top of the charts with unique gameplay, fantastic graphics and a whole host of game modes to play for everyone to play.  

At the event we get to play the Jump Smash 15, it is the latest release in the popular badminton sports franchise from Mediasoft Entertainment, Malaysia. 
Don't worry if you do not know how to play, they will be guidance on the venue.

It's fun time event for everyone as it's a public event, some people came back to event everyday just to play the Li-Nng Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament at Sunway Pyramid. 
Father and son above trying out the Jump Smash gaming.
They'll learn about how to smash, double smash in the game.
On the venue, public can purchase the Limited Edition of Jersey for only RM99.00. 
So many colors of the Jersey available for you to choose.
Jump Smash 15 with its high action state-of-the-art gameplay, stunning original anime graphics and a variety of modes to play from Jump Smash 15 is this year biggest badminton mobile game.
You can also install this game to your ipad. 
I have seen contestants bringing their ipad and phone to play while waiting to attend the final e-tournamenet.

Lots of entertainment, gifts and prizes to giveaway.

Rhythm Nation live music performance at the venue during the four days of event.
Yes, they are there to play perform live music each day.
Did you miss out their live music?
If yes check out instagarm, click on the link, another link for live performance.

DJ Vandall

Everyone is queue up to play the Jump Smash, it's either they already having the ticket for the final tournament they are just there to practice or they are interest to join the final tournament.
There is no age limit to take part, anyone can join the Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament.
I have seen people lining up again and again to try their best.
Some people also have install the game app into their mobile phone.

I was there morning until the evening, it's amazing the crowd never stop coming in and out of the venue. Most of them are coming back to take part for the final tournament because only 32 contestants. Most of them have line up as early as 4pm. 
Li-Ning Jump Smash e-Tournament Badminton Game with the chart 32 contestants name.
The contestants that compete each other comes from siblings, father and son, mother and son, friends, relatives and others.

Organizers at the event testing out the game app to make it fair and square for everyone to compete.

If you have played the Jump Smash, you'll know that play through the Jump Smash Championships in single or multiplayer mode with your friends to see who will become the world's champion!

30 August, 2015 Sunday.
32 contestants having a group picture before the final tournament.
Each day new batch of 32 contestants join the final tournament, you may find some familiar faces as they have came back to try their best. 

Many families and public came to the event to support their loved ones.

Two contestants are friends, they compete each other to know who gets in Quarter Final then Semi Final.

During the Li-NIng Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament, I have seen tears rolling down a small boy as he fail in compete with another boy. The family member and friends were there to support him. 
It's not just about gaming but also to teach the children that, though they have fail but at least they have tried their best. 

Download JumpSmash 15 NOW :

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