Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Search for hotels in Melaka

It's school starts tomorrow so getting sons ready for school tomorrow. Besides that we are looking forward for family events to go Melaka. My parents-in-law haven't been to Melaka for years. The last they visited were with us.

Hoping to find an affordable hotel rooms to stay in the city. We search for some hotels and get some replied. Hattan Hotel new in town but it's very expensive RM880 for a night, just 4 breakfasts included. That's really out of hands, RM880 if it's for two nights it maybe works.

Anyway hunt goes on for hotels in Melaka, prefer in town because I want to go cari makan with family. We haven't eat Satay lut lut for years and also the chicken ball rice. My wife was the one that visited Melaka a year back but she too didn't eat any as mention as she follow bloggers event, it's a day trip so they are in hurry to go and back from Melaka.

I also miss the Nyonya food in Melaka. Shopping will be our less priority as our main would be EAT!

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