Sunday, July 5, 2015

Concern parents on toddler nose bleed

Yesterday my youngest son has nose bleed, he has nose bleed on the left nose in the morning while we go pasar pagi. Then tonight his nose bleed right nose, he just drank a bottle of milk then he fall asleep.

My son's child doctor, my wife just call up to ask and she's already on leave. Starting tomorrow until 20 July only she's coming back to her clinic.

Now my eldest son showing me his comic book that shows about nose bleed. The comic book is Good Morning Teacher, 07 series. Stated in his comic book.

Nosebleeds can caused by

  1. A dry nasal passage, generally the inside of the nose is slightly moist.Lack of lubricant during hot weather can cause the blood vessels to be brittle, easily ruptured
  2. Upper respiratory infections, causing inflamation, some illnesses can investigate bleeding, as can he application of blood thinning medication used to deal with hypertension, or high blood pressure.
  3. Dietary defeciency.
Well we still seek advice from doctor and specialist on why this happen. Seem it was quite common, of course we don't want to neglect this. If it is frequent it is not normal and better to see doctor immediately. 

We'll need to monitor him through the night and tomorrow. 

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