Monday, May 25, 2015

Medical bil RM400 for my son

My son not feeling well so bring him to clinic to see doc, then doc suggest go for blood test maybe is Denggi fever. RM30 for just consultation with no medicine at all.

So headed to SDMC, the fee for blood test and 3 medicine (2 oral, 1 lotion) RM34+.++.
Yeah being parent is never easy, but children's health come first and education can wait. He's started to worry of dictation that he will be absent and homework that mounting up for him from school.

It's lucky the doctor came back to clinic without going off to meeting. She's kind enough to explain in details and the blood test result of son is out. It's normal, Thank God for that.

Now just awaiting if there's more homework for him to do. 


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