Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Pyramid movie review

It's definitely worth to watch if you like to watch scary movie, watch The Pyramid movie. Spoiler alert to read this post.

photo above credit to FB KLIPS
First thanks to KLIPS for this wonderful movie. I won to watch with loved one at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

It's a horror movie, a team of U.S archeologists, fount an ancient pyramid, it's not any pyramid because of it's shape. In the Egyptian desert, the team never gives up finding what's inside the pyramid. They sent a robot inside to check on the pyramid status, but something happened to the robot which doesn't response back. One of the team member freaks out he wants to go inside to grab his robot because he loan it from NASA.

Beware this movie not for the weak heart, because they have blood spill in the movie. Can any of the team members get out of the Pyramid?! Are they going to survive?

Many mummy cats in the movie, they are not pets, they are not friendly, they eat flesh!! Even more, watch out of the half man half wolf appeared in the screen.

One of the guys after watched the movie non stop saying it's so horrifying he hasn't seen anything like this movie.

The movie is rated 18 above!

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