Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Take motorcycle tests

I don't have motorcycle license, but here's my lovely wife share her experience.

During her secondary school in Ipoh, she took many times of motorcycle tests because she always fail on riding on the narrow straight bump. She always fell but she never give up and keep trying until one day I have gained my motorcycle license.

After having the license she has given a second hand motorcycle by her dad, she rides motorcycle to school, one day the motorcycle suddenly stop by itself on the road. It's tough to push it all the way to tuition center or nearby mechanic for fix. She told me that she remembered a kind man mechanic uncle, he says he can repair my motorcycle and then let her know the price. He didn't ask me to pay right away as knowing She was student in uniform and didn't have lot money in hand.

The tuition center is teaches math and it's nearby Yik Foong complex.

Is this place still exist? I am not sure as I haven't bring her to Ipoh there for long time.

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