Sunday, June 29, 2014

Survey on houses in Subang Jaya

It is unbelievable about how much you going to pay on these houses, no kidding the price hike so much we don't even have the money to purchase any of them. Some of my friends has interest to purchase house so that the children grow up they can have a home to stay and easy for them.

Yeah that's a great idea, if they have a home, it would be easier for them as renting home will be forever. My friend says that she prefer the home with big spaces so she can parked 4 cars, she has many cars at home. She survey found the houses she interest RM1 million or RM1.7 million, anyway she has switched to another section of the housing area to purchase home.

Just imagine how much you are paying for a rented home, I am sure if purchase a home in these area will give a return back since the real estate are aggressive now.

If I have many money I would invest in home too, we can rent it out for rental monthly. Though it's not easy, tell me what's easy in life?

My neighbour bought 4 houses in my area, wow.. imagine how rich he is. He used the houses as rent out.

Edited as wrongly mention whose gonna buy... 

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