Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mom's want the best for their child

I believe every mom would want the best for their child. Some moms at school been telling me that they are looking for suitable tuition center. Some of them prefer a single subject for tuition but most centers provide more than one subjects!

Some working parents can afford home tuition for their child but not all of them. Home tuition maybe the best as the teacher will be one to one tuition to the child. But does it worked and give the results in exam? I feel that it depends on each child. No child is the same, some maybe have interest in studies, some are not.

My son loves games and he likes playing Lego too. At night he would be asking me to play with him. Yeah mommy to play with him instead of daddy because he's busy or not back from home yet. We have no plan to go Legoland because it's not cheap to go there, we will need to think of accommodation, food, and other.

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