Wednesday, January 29, 2014

School gate not open after classes over

It was a disaster yesterday, I went out 10.45 am and I only able find parking at 11.50am. Imagine how tired my legs are because I rounded at least 8 times near the school to find parking. So many cars because the school giving RM100 for each child. They supposed to give out money on 10.30am but they change time to 11am, only inform children in class by speaker a day before.

Then they only open the gate at 11.20am, this you know how many cars already waiting and rounding to find parking near school. Working folks come and go to collection RM100, some parents give up yesterday and try again today to collection.

Mm...teacher no said a word about my son, so this is good?!

Anyway another mom saying that teacher tell her son is dreaming in class.

Other mom saying that teacher informed her son is slow learning in class.

Education for children today are not easy, we need to give them time and patience. Therefore we always want the best for them and hope they can perform well in academics. Don't forget they need time for sports too.


  1. My son's school still ok.. Very well-managed while giving out the money, no hectic for me at all...


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