Friday, June 28, 2013

Plans on this weekend

It is a Friday, what's your plan for this weekend? I have got plans for family and personal. This weekend for Saturday and Sunday.

I just bought Revlon hair dye colour which is keep sake for my mom. It is orange colour and I like it too. :D

You can check out local Guardian stores.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nuffnang or Advertlets?

I like to ask if you are using any of them, which is good? I mean which is paying more money?

I haven't decide which of it to add on my blogs.

Tired me, I have not start making any red cape. Oh well, I may not able to make it as I am tired.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My parents were here

Yesterday my classmate message me asking me out for lunch but sad to say I cannot make it. My parents were here, they mean so much to me, spending quality time with them the best. My classmate works nearby the area she mentions to me, well we will have the chance to have lunch. :D

Mom asked me to help her put on nail polish and I did. She wanted to dye hair but sad to say dad was having an appointment at 2.30pm so they need to leave early.

Thanks to dad for bought us lunch at home. Life is not the same even though I am parent myself.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First baby teeth @6 months

I can never forget how old my son has his first teeth, yeah he has it at 6 months old. He's big boy now and we can no longer carry him.

He's spending most time on the games than on the studies. I bet most boys in city do that, correct me if I am wrong. Some parents I know have plans for their children like going for tuition. Sad to say not all tuition is affordable when you living in big city.

Workshop not mean for everyone?

Well I am sure everyone is exciting and happy when there is a workshop but hey there is terms and conditions when comes to it. Lets say you need to be blogger with blog to attend the workshop. Other than that, your blog need to be update constantly. What do you think if blogger didn't update for a year and want to go for workshop?

Basically I think there is no right or wrong but best to update the blog since you own it.

Just one person that irritates me the most, I have shared many things but then she's not satisfied of it. Oh well, she's better off without me then..

Sunday, June 2, 2013

They went GH

Today is the day some relatives go to Genting Highlands, for my children not go before. Anyway we will see when is best time to go.

The last time I went was in the 90s yeah First World Hotel was not complete that time.