Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog owner not care of dog poo

They are many dogs owner here, it is sad to see not all of them care of their dog. I have seen a dog owner dragging the dog on the road while it was pooing! He just not care at all that his dog is having business to do.

They bring the dog out for the walk but they left the dog business on the grass. It is bad luck when your car happened to drive through it and sticks to the wheels. No kidding, it happened to me and i need to wash the car immediately. The stinky poo at tyre, you know it you cannot let it be!!


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  3. I hate that kind of people but luckily my friends care for their dog's poo whenever they are outside for a walk :D

  4. yeah, sad to know got such pet owner.

  5. I know right,they think they are so rich that there is a maid following them around to clean it for them lol


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