Sunday, October 25, 2009

No time to post office

I have no time to post the Winner MeryWaty Prize, I will try to go sometimes this week or next week.

I am not feeling well myself, I don't know why lately I am getting headache and feeling dizzy as well. Maybe it is the weather and my body is weak.

I need to buy Pati Ayam to drink.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ELKEN giveaway

There is a giveaway I am taking part ELKEN giveaway,


soalannya ialah :



syarat-syarat penyertaan :

~ anda perlulah link blog ELKEN ini di blog anda.
~ letakkan banner " ELKEN GIVEAWAY " di blog anda juga.
~ anda juga perlu post entry di blog anda berkaitan dengan " ELKEN GIVEAWAY ".
~ anda juga perlu menjadi followers bagi blog ELKEN ini.
~ emailkan penyertaan anda ( url blog dan nama ) di
~ ahli ELKEN tidak dibenarkan menyertai " ELKEN GIVEAWAY " ini !

hadiah bagi pemenang :

~ pemenang akan dikira berdasarkan SIAPA YANG CEPAT MENGHANTAR JAWAPAN KE EMAIL saya sebelum tarikh tutup
~ hanya DUA pemenang yang cepat dengan jawapan yang betul sahaja akan terpilih.
~ hadiah bagi DUA pemenang yang layak ialah salah satu produk ELSYLE BODY BASICS seperti gambar di bawah.

Now to take part is join ELKEN GIVEAWAY!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tomorrow 11 pm

Just a reminder that tomorrow 11pm is the end of Happy Birthday giveaway. If you want to take part be sure to go Happy Birthday giveaway link.

Just an update on the participants

silvergirl - 3 Entries
Azuan - 7 Entries

Ibu Emir
- 2 entries
Taufidris - 5 entries
Juniza - 5 entries
syakila - 5 entries
Zaikulim - 5 entries

Mery - 8 entries
Sharhapin - 7 entries.

whose next?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cake selection

One day we headed to the cake shop, hubby wants to buy a cake to eat. But we not buy anything from the shop because I do not like to eat them. I mean it depends on the flavour which I like but hubby not willing to buy my favourite.

Hubby told me about jelly cake, the website he shows me it cost up to RM700. That's no way I am going to spend the money. RM700 I can buy so many things, even pay up the house hold bills for at least 2 months.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sean does not want to go kindergarten

I am not sure why Sean is not interested to go kindy, when there is no school, he will wakes up early and even asking hubby and me to wake up. When school started he will refused to wake up and not want to go at all.

This morning sister-in-law Jen forced him into car so when we reached there he is not interested to get down from car. Teachers tried asking him down but nobody success, sister-in-law Jen carried him inside and he refused to let go of me.

I asked teacher if any kid bully him but nobody did. Teacher just say he does not talk much always using sign language ( hands to show what he saying).

Hubby is concerned and think something must have happened that's why he refused to go there. Later I will need to find out from teacher as we left anything happen to him.

Anyone care to share your experienced?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 93 Birthday to grandpa

I think my grandpa is coming back this year, I am not very sure yet as uncle emailed to my dad. Uncle said in email that dad will need another helper to care grandpa. I think dad will not hire anyone to help, first it is expensive to hire one and you do not know if the person is qualified or not. Secondly dad never hire anyone to help at home. :(

So far the Happy Birthday giveaway has got two participants.

silvergirl - 3 Entries
Azuan - 7 Entries

Ibu Emir - 2 entries
Taufidris - 5 entries
Juniza - 5 entries
syakila - 5 entries
Zaikulim - 5 entries

Edit: 16 Oct for the particiants now 7 participants :)

Remember the giveaway ends on 18 Oct, 2009.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Azumi First Mini Giveaway Contest

Today is so hot and I am so bored so I am joining the Azumi First Mini Giveaway Contest .

TWO (2) lucky participants will win a $25 Gift Cards to the Shutterfly Store to use for the many print options on the site and additonal prizes from the SPONSORS, and another TWO (2) lucky participants will win the other prizes.


nicole3-1.gif image by bams704 $25 Gift Certicate from Shutterfly

creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 $25 Gift Certicate from Shutterfly


creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 AGNES B. Make Up Goodies from KIZUNA
よっBONUS PRIZE (optional)
*this is only for those who are interested. Let me know by leaving a seperate comment for this

creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 WORDPRESS PLATFORM Blog
Winners will be announced on 29 Oct, 2009.

For more information click on Azumi First Mini Giveaway Contest above.

Interesting question for everyone

Here's interesting question from mom, here's my answer below.

1) What is your greatest strength as a parent?
I am mom, mom knows the best. :)

2) What is your biggest weakness as a parent?
being impatient sometimes and lack of communication

3) What is the one lesson that you hope your child will learn as she grows up?
love herself before love someone

4) If you could make one significant change in your parenting, what would you change?
be firm!

How about you?