Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday, cell phone pickpocket @McDonald's Restaurant Sunway Pyramid

It's Sunday afternoon when we reached the Sunway Pyramid, I parked at CP6. While my sister and wife were away, my youngest son request for an ice cream, usually we queue at the counter outside that sell ice cream. But this time the vanilla ice cream was out, so we need to enter the restaurant to queue. My youngest son was queue infront of me, sudden a came a lady cut queue from him. Then I notice another guy stand behind of me, I didn't know that he had stolen my cell phone from my cargo pants unbutton pocket. It happened so fast as the lady that was in queue front my son decided not to buy and left with the man. I then wanted to reach out to my cell phone in my cargo pants' pocket but my cell phone no longer there.

I had a backpack with me but I didn't keep the cell phone in there but my son's cell phone was in there. I used that cell phone to contact my wife to inform her that I am at McD than I told her that my cell phone is gone. I suspected the cell phone was pickpocket while my son and I was queue to buy ice cream.

My wife then told the staff of McD to ask if we can check the CCTV but she told us it's not available at the moment and I left my contact number and name with her. She says she will called me if she saw the video. Then we headed to info counter of Sunway Pyramid that is near the entrance of Sunway Pyramid. The staff suggested that I make a police report as the couple could be wondering around the mall all day, I may not be the only victim of pickpocket here. Then my family and me headed to nearest police station that is near to the corner shop of Public Bank it is just a street a way from the mall.

There were other people there making the police report, one couple making report of scam, another wanted to make a report of the break-in of the shop. Report done on the day then we head back in info counter of mall and the staff has informed the security to go along to McD. Its going to be a long day to process, I told the staff of the mall that I just want to report this incident to them. Hopefully they will take note. The police man in the police station had also taken a photo of me while I making the report around 3pm that day. The incident of pickpocket happened 2pm.

2 June 2019 is the day I lost my cell phone.

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