Sunday, August 5, 2018

Shopee FLASH SALE.SoutheastAsia

Loving to shop online it's not just women but men too. Don't you think? So what's the gift for loved ones? I found this bag is affordable and it's suitable for women who loves to keep switching bags to bags. Yeah no kidding I know my woman loves to switch bag to use. This bag is design is very nice and lady like, tassle on it is cute. Say no more you can see more bags and dresses check out the Shopee FLASH SALE.SoutheastAsia.

By the way, today is my sister-in-laws birthday. They are twins sister. Happy birthday to them.

Coming up soon my mother-in-law birthday in September and my mom's birthday in October. What's the gift for them?

I am planning to present this bag to my mom as she's going to a wedding dinner soon, if not mistake would be end of the year. My mom-in-law doesn't nee new bag now as recently my wife and her sister-in-law together shopping a suitable bag for her. That's what I am thinking, unless I am wrong that she doesn't mind having a new bag too. This bag color you are looking at is Khaki colour.

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