Sunday, July 22, 2018

Shopping on Shopee experienced

Sharing with you on my personal experienced shopping on Shopee, there was good and bad experienced on it. Well it's not Shopee fault but the seller. I didn't get notice on parcel number until I asked the seller. It was already too late by the time I asked. 

I just want to say I never get the parcel and didn't get any notice from postman on any card notification to collect the parcel. Usual if there's registered post or courier the postman would leave a note at the gate but there's nothing at all. 

Last week I tried many times calling the Post Malaysia hotline but never luck to get through any anyone at all. In the end I decided to email them instead. So below is the replied to inform me that the parcel has been return to seller. I believe the items I bought is from China. Stated below the item return to seller on 5 July 2018. I did make a called to Shopee to inform of my order ID and the situation. Waiting for their reply ..........

Terima kasih atas emel anda yang bertarikh 16/7/2018

Semakan mendapati item ER339115271MY telah dipulangkan semula kepada pengirim pada 05/07/2018 setelah tiada permintaan serahan kedua atau tuntutan item oleh penerima dalam tempoh 7 hari bermula dari tarikh serahan gagal pada 23/6/2018.

Kami mengesyorkan sekiranya pelanggan ingin mendapatkan maklumbalas berkenaan dengan item ini, mohon majukan sebarang pertanyaan lanjut kepada pihak pengirim yang memberikan nombor ini kepada pelanggan.

Terima kasih di atas pertanyaan. Untuk mengetahui maklumat lanjut tentang produk dan perkhidmatan Pos Malaysia, sila layari

Terima Kasih

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