Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kindergarten Field Trip to Zoo Negara

Son's field trip next weekday which clashed with Sean's school report day to take. As wife not able to go with WL, so he cannot go to the field trip. She needs to go school to take Sean's report card.

There will be animal show, tram to ride and giant panda to see. The fee for child is RM65 for adult is RM75.

The departure time is 8am and coming back is 3pm.

Estimated to reach Zoo Negara at 9.30am.

Back to Kindergarten at 3pm.

It's a long time since we last visited the zoo Negara. Maybe we can plan this for future family events.

It's hot day I remembered that time we go, so if children are going need to bring along their water tumbler, a cap and put on their school uniform for the field trip. There will be no class on the day if children didn't join the field trip.

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