Sunday, March 5, 2017


This is sad to say that AEON SHAH ALAM, DIGI & UMOBILE no lines, sad to say that. The only telcom lines that good to use is MAXIS. As my wife as Charmaine and she told her she is using Maxis and it's good connection there.

It's certain area in the mall only have the lines but so, it's not completely worked. Yesterday my wife tried to use both lines for connection to Facebook. It doesn't work properly, why is the coverage no good?

Not sure if it is the whole shopping mall of AEON as she didn't manage to shop around the mall. She gets lots of missed called after getting out of the mall to the car parked. She parked outdoor of the shopping mall, using the AEON member card she pay only RM1.

Many shoes for man and woman available there, I haven't visit the mall myself. It's a busy week and weekend. Son has extra tuition this morning for Chinese language at 10am to 12noon.

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