Friday, March 31, 2017

Fish for Great Taste & Health Is More Convenient Ayam Brand ™ Sardines and Mackerel Range

Ayam Brand ™ Sardines and Mackerel combine the great taste with benefits of Omega-3 that complement the needs of active individuals who need ready-to-eat, convenient, versatile and nutritious snacks and meal options that are high in Omega-3, calcium and protein.

Love healthy fish but hate cleaning, gutting and preparing fish for meals? Open a can of Ayam Brand™’s Sardines or Mackerel range for a convenient and tasty way to get more healthy fish into your diet.
Ayam Brand ™ Sardines and Mackerel combine the great taste with benefits of Omega-3 that complement the needs of active individuals who need ready-to-eat, convenient, versatile and nutritious snacks and meal options that are high in Omega-3, calcium and protein.

Ayam Brand Sardine Sandwich Toast.

Ayam Brand ™ obtains its sardines and mackerel from cold seas for their higher content of healthy oils such as Omega 3 its tasty and juicy flesh before quickly canning them using the brand’s innovative and proprietary vacuum technology. As with all Ayam Brand™ products, these are free from preservatives, with no added mono-sodium glutamate MSG, allowing the natural flavor of quality sardines and mackerel to be savored.
According Ayam Brand, Marketing Manager, Mr. Nicholas Nyeow, “Ayam Brand™ Sardines and Mackerel are staples of many Malaysian households and are popular with college students and young adults who appreciate the great taste, and the healthfulness of fish. As we celebrate our 125th anniversary with the theme of ‘We care, We are Family!’ we are overwhelmed by the preference Malaysians have for Ayam Brand™ Sardines and Mackerel products,” Mr. Nyeow said.

Steamed Ayam Brand Sardines Rice Noodle roll.

Cheese Ayam Brand Sardine Wontons.

Fresh from Cold Seas
Ayam Brand™ Sardines are exclusively of the Sardinops or Genus Sardina species from the North-Western and Eastern Pacific waters, Southern waters of the Indian Ocean and North-Western Atlantic waters. Mackerel are exclusively of the Scomber species, caught mainly in the North Atlantic Ocean, North-western Pacific and Eastern Pacific waters. Sardines and mackerel living in extreme cold conditions are fattier, juicier and richer in Omega 3.

By selecting these fatty fish that live in cold sea waters, Ayam Brand™  ensures its  products are richer in ‘healthy fats’ including DHA & EPA, the most beneficial forms of Omega-3.
Nutritional benefit
Sardines and mackerel are an excellent source of natural Omega-3. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that we must ingest because the body does not synthesize them but requires them for good health. Among the health benefits of Omega-3 are promoting brain growth, reducing age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s Disease as well as reducing risk factors for heart diseases.
In addition, sardines and mackerel also provide the body with other essential nutrients such as minerals and Vitamins B.
Sardines are among the best sources of calcium, containing two times the calcium as in regular skimmed milk.
Serving suggestions
Ayam Brand™ Sardines and are ready-to-eat straight from the can, make a filling meal with crackers or bread, are tasty toppings or dressings for salads, can be eaten over rice or with porridge or with pasta – the possibilities are endless yet the taste is always amazing. 
Ayam Brand™ has an amazing selection of sardine and mackerel recipes to choose from that span simple recipes that can be completed in less than 10 minutes to show-stopping main courses that are perfect for the festive season. Please visit us at for more tips to on how to enjoy sardines and mackerel in a variety of styles! 
Pricing and Availability
Ayam Brand™ Sardines are available in tomato sauce, chilli oil and extra virgin olive oil. This range retails from RM4.03 to RM10.28 (inclusive 6% GST).
Ayam Brand™ Mackerel are available in tomato sauce, black beans and chili sauce. This range retails from RM4.03 to RM8.37 (inclusive 6% GST).
The complete range of Ayam Brand healthy and convenient products are available at retail outlets nationwide.

Friday, March 24, 2017

A woman’s body’s fertile signs

She may not be sensitive enough to notice it, but a woman’s body will give a woman signs that she is fertile and can easily get pregnant. So what signs are we looking for when it comes to knowing our body’s fertile signs?

1. Basal body temperature
A woman’s body temperature can be tracked using a basal body thermometer. A woman may chart her fertility to tell the changes of her body every day before you even get out of bed. When a woman is fertile, she will be able to see a spike in her temperature in the chart. This means she’s possibly fertile and going to ovulate soon.

2. Cervical mucus
The so-called egg white cervical mucus is the most fertile of all CM types because it allows the sperm to swim easily into the cervix. Its consistency is similar to raw egg whites and it can stretch an inch or two without breaking in the middle. This is another sign that you are fertile.

3. Increased sex drive
Many women notice an increase in their sex drive when they are fertile. It is due to the hormonal changes happening inside a woman’s body.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, knowing when you’re fertile greatly helps. Through this, you will know when to use contraceptives if you’re family planning or baby dance if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


- Greenview Islamic School’s one-of-a-kind approach to education receives shining recognition -
Greenview Islamic School recently received its first The BrandLaureate award when it was named the Best in International Islamic Education at The BrandLaureate Corporate SME Awards 2016. The award was accepted by Muhammad Azman bin Tan Sri Hamzah, School Director of Greenview Islamic School, and was a milestone in the journey of the school since it was founded in 2010.

Over the years, Greenview Islamic School has become a reputable brand name in Malaysia’s International Islamic education sector. With growing competition, the school continues to differentiate itself from its competitors through placing equal emphasis on academic education, character development, and spiritual strengthening.

“From our humble beginnings, we have channelled our resources towards creating thinking and caring global citizens, and our success in accomplishing that, is the reason for this recognition. This award is dedicated to the parents, and students who work tirelessly towards making their dreams come true and we are ever grateful to them for choosing us as their gateway to the future,” said F. S. A. Majeed, Principal of Greenview Islamic School.

The school’s growth from just four students and six teachers to reaching almost 500 students in just over five years, with limited promotional and marketing efforts, was possible thanks to its curriculum that focuses on enhancing a student’s ability to critically think, communicate effectively, be creative, and build an excellent character. This approach led to the formation of an extensive network of satisfied parents who endorse the efficacy of the school’s approach and recommend it to others.

F. S. A. Majeed added, “Via learning methods such as positive reinforcement learning, we aim to produce highly qualified practicing Muslims who will make positive contributions to Malaysia’s progress as well as becoming active members of the global community.”

Greenview Islamic School offers a wide variety of courses for students from Year 1 to Year 11, with both curricular and extra-curricular activities that contribute to a student’s holistic development. Using positive reinforcement learning, students are inspired to develop self-discipline, and take pride in their own school work, studies, and personal growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs form a crucial facet of the school’s business as giving back to society is a vehemently held value. Its initiatives include, awarding financial discounts for potential filled students who have financial difficulties, and providing special care and support to students with special needs.

Those looking to find out more about Greenview Islamic School can visit their branches at either Bukit Jelutong or Bangi and speak to a representative from 8:30am to 12:30pm from Mondays to Thursdays and 8:30am to 12:00pm on Fridays.

Feel free to visit their official website at, or official Facebook page at 

Friday, March 10, 2017

World Kidney Day 2017 Event in Putrajaya for ‘Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Kidneys’

Malaysian Society of Nephrology invites the public to join the fun cycling and walk event.

The World Kidney Day 2017 (WKD17) is an annual event and this year’s focus is on healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity as obesity can lead to chronic kidney disease. Obesity remains the number one preventable risk factor for chronic kidney disease because obesity largely mediates diabetes and hypertension, the 2 most common etiologies for end-stage kidney disease1. Overweight and obese people are also more prone to develop albuminuria and, for at least some types of kidney disease, a greater amount of albuminuria and more rapid progression of renal failure. Apart from that, obesity also leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and other serious health problems2.

According to WKD17 organising chair, Dr Lily Mushahar, senior consultant nephrologist, Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, one of the more effective ways of making Malaysians slim down to a healthier weight is through proper education, exposure and awareness. Dr Lily said that eating has become a part of our local culture. Our local food, especially those with high calorie content is one of the contributing factors to the high prevalence of obesity amongst Malaysians.

“We are a multicultural nation with a wide selection of delicious delicacies. However, most of these foods are usually made up of glutinous rice, coconut milk with a high content of sugar. What we can do is to educate everyone on this epidemic and create awareness for a better, healthier lifestyle through this national level World Kidney Day 2017 on the 18th of March, with the Cycling Convoy flagging off from Hospital Serdang to Taman Botani, Fun Run, Zumba and a lot more activities that promote and encourage healthy lifestyle. This year’s WKD17 celebration is special as it started off with a group of 30 cyclists pedalled 633KM from Kangar to Putrajaya over 6 days – all in a bid to raise awareness regarding the importance of healthy lifestyle, exercise to combat obesity and kidney diseases! The journey involves 16 pit stops where the 30 cyclists will spread health messages and collect signatures on a banner, which will be officially given to the Deputy Health Minister on the 18th of March at Putrajaya during the official launce of WKD17 celebration. ” said Dr Lily.

Major private companies such as Lucenxia, Baxter, Fresenius, Sanofi, Kyowa Kirin, Roche and AJ Pharma are also helping to promote and sponsor the event.

“This program is very interesting because not only will there be fun and healthy activities that everyone can participate, but there will also be a talk on kidney health awareness and how to take care of them. Being obese is very closely linked to chronic kidney diseases which can be prevented if more people are aware of their unhealthy eating habits and their sedentary urban lifestyle that lacks exercise,” added Dr Lily.

There will be free health screening including measurement of body mass index, blood glucose level and blood pressure measurement. There will also be various booths promoting health, outdoor activity equipment and a blood donation campaign at Taman Botani Putrajaya this March 18, 2017.

According to the findings by World Health Organization, about 600 million of the world population were overweight and about 41 million of children under the age of 5 years are either overweight or obese3.

Revealed recently by Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, obese Malaysians make up 17.7 percent while the ones that are overweight make up about 30 percent, bringing the percentage to 47.7 percent in total. Statistically, Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia and the officials blame it on the high calorie diet and sedentary urban lifestyle4. The health minister has also warned that the country is in the midst of obesity epidemic.

For more information on World Kidney Day 2017 and for registration, please visit for fun run, and for fun cycling ride.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


This is sad to say that AEON SHAH ALAM, DIGI & UMOBILE no lines, sad to say that. The only telcom lines that good to use is MAXIS. As my wife as Charmaine and she told her she is using Maxis and it's good connection there.

It's certain area in the mall only have the lines but so, it's not completely worked. Yesterday my wife tried to use both lines for connection to Facebook. It doesn't work properly, why is the coverage no good?

Not sure if it is the whole shopping mall of AEON as she didn't manage to shop around the mall. She gets lots of missed called after getting out of the mall to the car parked. She parked outdoor of the shopping mall, using the AEON member card she pay only RM1.

Many shoes for man and woman available there, I haven't visit the mall myself. It's a busy week and weekend. Son has extra tuition this morning for Chinese language at 10am to 12noon.