Friday, December 9, 2016

Cirque Panda show at Sunway Lagoon's amphitheatre

It's Thursday night I want to tell you on Tuesday night, my family and I have gone to watch Cirque Panda at Amphitheatre Sunway. Thank you Sunway for inviting us to watch the show. My sons are excited as they have interest to watch Panda especially my youngest son who loves Kungfu Panda animation movie. Whichever relates to Panda he would like to watch it.We enter from the Surf Beach, the staff is very friendly and show us way to go. My family are happy to sit the train to go the Amphitheatre.
 Cirque Panda are China National Acrobatic Troupe, they are well trained and put on a good performance for the night. Cirque Panda Amphitheatre Sunway Lagoon is where you will be watching the show. If you love shopping, you can go Sunway Pyramid mall near to Sunway Lagoon. I always parked at Sunway Pyramid Mall to go Sunway Lagoon.
Great beginning of the show that my son nonstop saying see Panda,

So much to see, you got to see it for yourself. Some of my friends have plan to watch with family this school holidays. You can check out the video below is short video of the performance. 2 hours show is worth it and you can shop online for the tickets at

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