Sunday, September 4, 2016

Family time @Jungle Gym Atria Shopping Gallery

It's Monday, how's everyone doing? We have a great time on the weekend, it's a family time with my kids and wife to Jungle Gym at Atria Shopping Gallery. My first time going there by using waze and it's at Damansara Jaya. The mall is surrounded by shops and parking space can find near the mall but on Saturday afternoon we didn't see any so decided to drive in the basement for parking. It's great family time as my sons both enjoy themselves so much. They have a good sweat, they also take part in costume contest.
Click on the video above to view the 8th anniversary of Jungle Gym at Atria, it's so fun watching my boys, can you spot them?

The costume contest theme is Animal, so one in costume dinosaur another in costume duckling. The duckling costume belong to Sean when he used it when he was 5 years old during concert time. So happy that my WL is 5 years now and he can fit in!

They have big slide and smaller slide in the playground, its not far from each other. It's good place to play for kids and parents can have a break, there's spacious cafe in the back area.

Go ahead to view another video of the slide, there goes my Sean. He's in dinosaur costume for the day! It's so fun for them that we are happy and we will plan to go again to Jungle Gym.

If you are interest to know more about this playground, you can visit

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