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If you are in Malaysia, most of you might have been to KLCC. Do you know there's Aquaria KLCC at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. It's an ocean of discovery where you can discover, learn and experience. Thanks to AQUARIA KLCC for holding the Bloggers JAW-SOME Day 2016, we enjoy ourselves from start to the enjoy of the session. 

My children are excited as they will be seeing many kind of marine life in Aquaria KLCC. 

Bloggers awaiting in the grouper hall (mph) this is where bloggers gather together. 

Do you know that Aquaria KLCC has comes up with a few packages for children, adults, couple and qualified divers? One of the packages is suitable for children which is sleep with sharks. I am sure this is not only the children's dream but adult's dream too. I didn't know they have this, and this is their signature programme for children. 

Well I'll tell you little more about the packages later. Let's see the photos on the day, some photos only as they are many more on the photo album. 

On the event we have a guided tour for 45 minutes, yeah a tour guide for bloggers from Aquaria KLCC. This is where we get the chance to ask questions about our curiousity on the animals and exhibits. 

Gene pool, starfish and other marine life 
Just to let you know the photos are not according to the map of Aquaria KLCC. I am just posting some random photos of it. 

According to the map, we first go to Level 1, where we get to evolution zone of piranha tank, gene pool, electric zone. Then to the stream, where there is riverbank jungle and an Asian small-clawed otters. Then shipwreck, for the Tales Of The Ocean, Coral Walk, Coral Discovery. 

Level 2, is where are in the flooded forest, freshwater journey, then to the coast to see mudflats, Coastal Nursery, Mangrove, and Coastal. An living ocean not to be missed by anyone, Shark's Den, Giant Shovelnose Ray Corner, Cage Rage Experience, Royal Hanoi Shipwreck, Reel Fish Resort, Hard Coral Focus Point, Amazing Schooling Fish, Living Ocean Facts, Grouper Hideout, Sea Turtle Pitstop, Giant Pacific Octopus, aquatheatre. 

The aquatheatre is not to be missed as you can see the feeding session. 
Their professional divers will be feed the fishes and invertebrates daily. 
Refer below for the feeding time:
Level 1
Gene pool 10.45am
Asian small-clawed otters - 11.15am / 4.30pm
Piranha Tank - 4pm 

Level 2
Giant Pacific Octopus - 11.30am
Aquatheatre 12 noon - a varitety of Aquatic animals
Aquateatre 12.30pm - Flying rays
WW Tanks - 1pm - A variety of Aquatic animals
Aquatheatre 3pm - A variety of Aquatic animals
Aquatreathre - 3.30pm - Flying Rays
Freshwater journey 5.30pm
Coastal Nursery 5.45pm

Special below which is only on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Aquatheatre - surface feeding
Flooded forest 2.30pm
Aquatreatre 3pm - sharks

It was our happy and luckiest moment to be watching the diver to feed the marines.

Oh look who is excited to be almost closed up with the diver.

Flying ray resting 

There are a game on the event, 3 bloggers get to touch and feel what's in the three boxes contained.
Yeah they are live animals in the box, that you need guess it correctly.
Are you dare to take up the challenge?
Three bloggers that take up the challenge to guess what's in the box, each of them win a goodie bag at the end of event. 

Alright back to the packages that I told you about. There's one called the cage rage, this is where divers without a diving license can do. Dive in their custom-made underwater cage placed at only "Living Ocean". Look through an underwater window into the living room of view the aquatic friends. This package is RM211 per pax inclusive of 6% GST. 
Time slot only at 11am and is not available on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
If you like to more detail on this package, you can view their website. 

 The feeding session is so fun that everyone is excited, feeding session there's a speaker that explains to us what marine life they are feeding.

My children love the Aquaria KLCC and they want to visit again. We truly have a great time and the Aquaria KLCC staffs are friendly too.

Don't forget to stop by the Unique Augmented Reality Experience in Moon Lab's Holodeck.
Price for each visitor is RM20 for the augmented reality experience, if you like to have the USB drive and digital photos and video take it cost RM60.

It was fun was we get to see the animals from the past and present converge in a virtual experience like never before. If you like to view more photos of the Bloggers JAW-SOME Day click on the link.

Above is a recent project by son. 

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  1. oh nice, i didn't make it for this.. because couldn't bring the kids :(

  2. Wow, what a great family time this is. I have not been to Aquaria yet. One day, I tell myself!

  3. This is a great place for families to spend their weekends. It is also good exposure for the kids. i will definitely bring my son here later

  4. This place is quite fun and educational for the children too.

  5. Wow... you really had a great time right... I am glad you all had a great time together at Aquaria....

  6. It was a fun day! I miss those fishes a lot.. haahaha

  7. Actually, I haven't been to Aquaria KLCC yet although it's so near >.<

  8. I went there once, and really interesting for those who never visit there :D Learn a lot of new things too! :P

  9. Awh this looks like such fun, especially for the kids. Will high point this as one of the locations to bring my niece and nephew out for the day :) Thanks for the share :)


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