Monday, February 24, 2014

Bio-essence challenge

Yeah the Bio-essence challenge is back, this time they will challenge you on using the Royal Jelly + ATP Cream.

Two choice of venue as stated below!

The phone number is below, for detail you can give them a call.

Goodie bag is worth RM200 which contain one of 40g Bio Essence products.

Bio-Essence邀请你们参与他们的V脸大挑战!当天,他们将会介绍Bio-Essence青春紧肤霜Royal Jelly + ATP Cream 和当场测量V脸明显效果哦!
就在8/3/2014和9/3/2014,Bio-Essence诚意的邀请你们前来一起见证这神奇效果!同时, 出席者将会得到价值RM200的礼包(内包括一瓶40g的Bio-Essence青春紧肤霜!)


服装要求 :轻便休闲装(Smart Casual)

日期:8/3/2014 (星期六)
地点:AEON Bukit Tinggi, Centre Court
时间:3pm 至5pm


日期:9/3/2014 (星期日)
地点:AEON Metro Prima Kepong Shopping Centre, Centre Court
时间:2pm 至4pm (报到时间在1pm至1.30pm)

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