Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winner of Top Commentator September

Yeah I have mention that I have giveaway at my blog, it seems not attract the commentator. Oh well there's one follower who comment and blogged the giveaway! I appreciate it and she's one and only blogger with the blog of

I blogged that I have change the Prize of giveaway because the gift voucher expiration date. So I have change the vouchers to above vouchers you see in the picture!

RM20 cash voucher of House can be use at eCurve

Lactacyd the white intimate and revitalize sample.

Winner don't forget to email me your Full name, address and contact number to twinshappiness at yahoo dot com.

I am going to use the Pos Express to mail the Prize, I am not responsible for the lost or damage of the Parcel.
I was having trouble to upload picture in my blog, my notebook hang several times and website also hang.

TH Giveaway for Top Commentator

Are you excited of TH Giveaway? It is going to be fun and easy to giveaway, no need to blog the giveaway. But this giveaway open to my GFC follower only, and must have valid address in Malaysia. I will only mail the Prize for address in Malaysia only.

The PRIZE of this giveaway contains of Minoshe breastlump detection glove, Mary Chia gift vouchers, Minoshe RM20 off voucher, and grey panty of Minoshe "L" size panty is brand new!

Win this for the woman your love or for yourself! You want to be pamper? There are Mary Chia gift voucher to win!

Now to take part this giveaway is easy, just comment and win! The Prize goes to Top Commentator of TH's Corner for this month September, so commenting ends at 12midnight 30 September 2012.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mary Chia gift voucher cancel in Top Commentator giveaway

I just checking the voucher and notice it is valid for two months only from date issued in August. I dont think the winner will get the time to enjoy the gift voucher. So I am removing this Prize from Top commentator giveaway.

I will update the post again on Prize, stay tune.

Good time and bad time

I know life has good time and bad time, we have no choice but face it. Life is challenging it is never easy, that is why many parent now having less children. The cost of living and education are not cheap. I have interest to study again but i see the cost of Diploma RM30K i give up immediately, i remembered i studied Diploma RM12K less than fifteen years ago. Anyway i am just housewife I dont have that much money to go study the course.

Can our kids handle the cost living in future? I have no idea I hope my son able find a decent job that interest him. I advice him not to fall in love at early age when schooling, his attention needs to be on education not love. You cannot use love to put food on the table.

I am sure educating boy and girl are different when comes to love. For girls we most worry then befriend with wrong person. For boys we most worry they befriend with bad boys or got bully by them.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Care glove for woman

The Care Glove which is one of the prize for Top Commentator of this month September. It consists of the booklet and CD. The item is brand new!

At below the box there's Gold Medal Awards from numerous World International Invention Fairs.

It is use for breast check glove to detect any lumps in the breast and acts as an agent to do breast self-examination.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loving Loccitane shower oil

Do you remembered this Loccitane freebie? It is from Magazine in July and I collected the freebie at Loccitane outlet. I fall in love with the Loccitane Shower Oil, it is so good and smell good too! My first time using the shower oil, yeah haven't try any product of shower oil before this is my first.

Yesterday I head to Loccitane outlet to check if they have the refillable pack, sadly they are sold out. They have only the big bottle and small bottle now. The big bottle is 500ml and it cost RM270 it comes with another shower gel, I forgotten the name of the shower gel. The salesman told me it is leaves and suitable to use for morning as for shower oil suitable to use in the night.

For me the shower oil I will use it morning or evening, as I take shower twice a day.

How about you?