Sunday, July 15, 2012

ToysRUs Members Clearance Sale is back

Yes you are reading this correctly it is happening at ToysRUs members clearance sale further reduction on selected items at Empire Shopping Gallery. It is located at 2nd floor, you may give them a call at 03-56343930.

The sales end tomorrow, so if you have interest to shop for toys go Empire Shopping Gallery. Talking of toys don't forget to take part My Kid Shopping 1st Giveaway.

One of the Prizes consist of Ben 10. What else? How about Mega mind. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Retractable Awnings

Today we are able to find many home designs. I find most homes are under renovation here. Many are using retractable awnings. Talking of awnings, I find there are many types of retractable awnings available at online.

If you are interested in finding a suitable awning, visit this website. I visited the website found it to be very user friendly and easy to browse. There is an awning selector available, and some of the big names are the Bari model, Cagliari model, Colossel model, Trevi model, Genova model, Bologna model, Salerno model, Foggia model, Rimini model, Monza model, Trento model, Messina model, Triste model, Venezia model, and many more models you can find from the website.

For your information the awnings are not designed in China or made in China, but rather, are European designed awnings. If you are looking for replacement parts of awnings, you will also find that. I know when comes to awning we need to find the highest quality awning. I remembered a neighbor purchased cheap awnings and one heavy rain and thunderstorm ruined the awnings. I bet he regretted purchasing the cheap awnings; he could spend little more to purchase quality awnings.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Disney Junior PRiZe

My son is very happy today because he is the only one that got away with the Disney Junior Prize. Look at the prizes in the picture, he got them all in the Disney Junior paper bag. He loves it and he keeps telling me how he won the prize.

He says teacher ask the kids to raise hand on who wants to win a Prize and the person who spelled the word correctly wins it. He is fast to raise hand and able to spell the word COCONUT correctly. :D

Bravo, I am so proud of you.

In mean time quickly check this post for giveaway toy, awesome for your kids.