Friday, July 2, 2010

Son's fever

Yesterday evening Sean's not feeling well he is having fever, he took the medicine at 7.30pm. Then in the night his fever shoot up and he couldn't sleep well he was waken in between hours. Lucky I have two more patches for his forehead to cool down the fever. As his fever 89.4 and 90 degree hubby told me to put the insert pill to his butt to cool him down.

I find that the insert pill purchases from drug store poor quality compares with the one given by hospital. I decided to use the hospital one as it is better as the drug store one will break. Sean was crying for a while after the insert, he knew it once he saw the pill in my hand. He already saying pain and also he told hubby that his forehead is hot but cheek cold.

Sean took his medicine around 1 pm, now he is playing with blocks.

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