Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Add water the see the ball grow

The small balls are very useful you can see them often at the night market and morning market where people selling their plant. It is all inside the mini baby bottle, so cute and Sean has fun playing it. He knows that it is not food you cannot eat it. He can count the balls but he still not very good with mathematics.

I saw a flyer about Chinese lesson available at Sri KDU School, I know this is private school and the cost will be expensive. I don't think I am putting him in this school. The Mandarin Open Day for Mandarin as an additional compulsory subject is on 7 Aug, 2010, the time from 10am to 1pm at Sri KDU School. For more detail you can check out or call them at 03-6157 8123, 03-6145 3888.

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