Friday, May 21, 2010

Who likes freebie?

I want to tell you that yesterday night Sean so happy with the chair and he keeps sitting up and down. The chair is broken thanks to him, it is his chair as we purchase it from the furniture shop. I find that it is cheaper to shop at furniture shop as I saw the same set of furniture at Carrefour. The price is almost MYR$15 different, it is up to you to shop at furniture shop or shopping mall.

Anyway I will snap picture soon to show you the chair. It is not able to fix as it is broken on one side, no way to stick it back as he will fall down from chair. We need to hunt for new chair for him. As I often give him writing so he needs to sit down and write.

I forgot how to use blue tooth on the computer as I have pictures in cell phone to share with you. Oh hey about the freebie is faux leather bracelet, check the link for detail as it comes with terms and conditions to read up.

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