Friday, May 14, 2010

Wheels and tires of vehicles

Yesterday on the way to the funeral services, the heavy vehicle on the other side of the road run down the cow that crossed the road. The cow injured badly and manages walk back to the grass but we can see that the cow has broken legs. The heavy vehicle driver is not responsible he just left the scene and not stops his vehicle at all. I am sure by the time he needs to check his vehicle wheels and tires. The cow still there when we back from the funeral service, it just sat on the grass.

I know the heavy vehicle driver needs to check his vehicle as hit and run over the cow. He needs to see if there is damage on his wheels and tires, talking about wheels and tires I think of car accessories. I know that I need to repair my car because the broken headlight still not replaced. With Internet access today we can browse and search for the car accessories online.

If you know anyone interested to find car and truck accessories, let them know that they can go online shopping. Life support chat online is available if you need assistance. You can key in what you want to search in the box at the right box of the website.

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