Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's not a holiday

Sean is not going for kindergarten today and tomorrow as we are in hometown. We are back to visit aunt that passed away and paying out last respect to her. Her funeral service is tomorrow and I don't know what's the plan. But I know that I need to find shoes to wear as I cannot put on my red sandals. I forgot to wear the other colour sandals as I was in hurry. Jen forgot to remove her pink nail polish off her toes until I remind.

No red colour is allowed but I just recall that I have red colour on my hair band. Opps! I need to find replacement maybe using the plastic hair band. It is Chinese funeral I don't know much of he procedure as I was told it depends what culture of Chinese you are from. There are Hokkian, Hainan, Cantonese and Hakka, and so on.

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