Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fear of my dad safety

Yeah I am still worry of my dad's safety because the gangster threatened him and he even knows where my dad's live. The guy is unemployed and even his wife they are no more working so they unable to pay the rent of my dad's house. He is not willing to move and he threaten him to pay him $20K saying if he wants to move he must get this money from my dad.

My dad has report the matter to the police and the police ask need find a lawyer as need court order to hold on to the items that belong to the guy at my dad's house. Today my dad has found the locksmith to change the lock at the house, he still gives him a chance to move but he insisted my dad to give him $20K! That is crazy there is no more contract between them and he has owed my dad 4 months rental and he has not pay for water, electricity bill.

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